About us

Travel Services Ltd was founded in 2013 by Peter Panayotov. Peter has more than 15 years of experience in international business development, focused mainly on travel technology projects.

The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is capable of handling projects throughout Europe and the Middle East. With regards to market representation, Travel Services ltd is able to cover the Balkans with focus on the major countries Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Serbia.

Travel Services ltd applies a task team concept. This guarantees that the best talents are drawn to execute each project.

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Meet some of our team members:

Borislav Mladenov is a marketing consultant, specialized in email marketing strategies. He is also an expert in market researches. Borislav exceeds clients’ expectations as he has high attention to detail and great organizational abilities. He is excellent in listening, learning and taking innovative steps towards the projects. Borislav is passionate for cooking and fishing.

Travel Services Ltd. is a licensed travel agency operator, with licence RK-01-8421, issued by Bulgarian ministry of tourism on 15.03.2024. See license